MILAN, July 5 (Reuters) – Italy’s data protection authority on Monday ordered the delivery firm Foodinho, owned by the Spanish start-up Glovo, to change the computer algorithms used to manage staff to avoid any discrimination, after finding breaches of privacy and labour laws.

The move comes as a debate on how to regulate workers’ rights in the digitised “gig economy” is unfolding around the world. The European Commission has opened a public consultation on potential EU-wide rules. read more

Trade unions say management algorithms on international platforms are eroding gig workers’ wages and rights, just as lockdowns to contain the COVID-19 pandemic have increased demand for casual workers such as delivery drivers.

The watchdog, Garante, said it had ordered Foodinho to pay a 2.6 million euro ($3.1 million) fine after an investigation of its management of its 19,000 riders in Italy, as well as other online delivery platforms.